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About Us

The game that became Fun Watching Baseball Game started in 2010. We had tickets for 12 friends in a Club Suite at Miller Park. Many in the group were not true baseball fans. From prior experiences, it is common to be at a baseball game in a suite and never watch more than a few minutes of the game.

It got us to think….what can we do to engage the group so everyone watches more of the game and has more fun? That’s when the idea hit us. Make “play cards” and have everyone bring a dollar per inning. You don’t have to play this way, but this is how we played the first time. Knowing that someone would win twelve dollars per inning was enough incentive for everyone to quickly sit down and watch the game when the home team was at bat.

a baseball lying on green grassWhen some of the rarer plays occurred such as a reviewed play, it made the game that much more fun. The cards were re-dealt for each inning which created some excitement and anticipation to receive a good play card.

It worked! The game was a big hit and everyone in the suite that night said they had a blast. 

Every time we play the game in the grandstands of a baseball stadium, someone nearby asks where they can purchase the game so they could play.  Our friends always tell us to get this game printed and sold on-line.

There are multiple ways to play this game; the How to Play tab touches on a few variations. Our game can be customized for a variety of uses. We can add your logo, your design, and change the size of the cards.

Our goal is to create more fun while watching baseball.